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We were approached by Fizz Creations Ltd to help bring their range of officially licenced VW products to manufacture.


The products are a kettle, toaster and bread bin which all adopt styling from the classic VW campers! The designs were taken into 3D CAD (Solidworks) in line with VW licence guidelines to ensure that the range reflect the brand.


Renders were then done to test colour schemes before finalising engineering drawings for the manufacture.


Visit www.fizzcreations.com to grab one!

A Selection of Previous Work



A European company saw some of our work in the media and asked if we could produce a design for an electric kettle that would fit into their consumer market.


We analysed in depth current trends in the industry and future products and were able to present them with 4 designs. Their preferred design (right) was chosen for its unique appearence which they felt matched their core brand values. The design itself is an elegant and sleek kettle which has an open handle which has the on button at the end of it.


Hammered copper has been selected for the habdle and lid as a reference to the old traditional kettles that used to feature this material.

Lighting - www.martinhuxford.com


Biju Lighting were looking for a company to help them realise their range of lighting and custom designs to help build their business through new product development (NPD).


Working closely with the company and its designers, we were able to translate their creative design sketches into full 3D CAD data, allowing them to modify the design and also print the designs using 3D printing.


From this stage they have been able to develop their product range and set themselves apart from other similar companies and effectively increase their business relationships with buyers.


Shower Head - www.wowershower.com


This product is a new and exciting adult toy that serves two purposes. Not only does it act as a fully functioning shower head but it also doubles as a safe, fun and enjoyable adult toy.


The challenge for this product was to design a product that would blend in to its surroundings so that the user could leave it out so that from first appearances it would look like an ergonomic shower head. We carried out injection moulding, water flow and R&D.


This product was challenging in its design of a twist cap that redirects water flow but we overcame this and were able to deliver a fully working product that is now generating a lot of interest in the adult toy market.


Water Resistant Bench


Street furniture has many functioning criteria to be met as well as having a need to look attractive. One main concern with street furniture is its usability in wet conditions.


Our solution was to use extruded parts that were then attached to a stainless steel frame. This kept its shape and was a cost effective production method.


We looked at numerous ways to see how we could keep the bench dry and one of the team mentioned a principle based around using a bed of nails. A collection of small points would be stable enough to support a large weight without indentation and also offer a very small surface area to collect water.


The way in which this bench differs from others is in its upside down 'V' shape profile, which as it rains, provides very little surface area for the water to remain. This shape along with its sweeping curves means that any water on the bench is drawn by gravity away from the surface, meaning that the bench is useable extremely quickly after heavy rain.


Empathic design was key to this design and the organic form not only helps drain water off its surfaces but is also attractive to the user.


bench CURRENT.345

Omid, you have created a truley attractive design and this will enhance the brand.


Gareth Davis

William Hill Chairman




Mod Insert


We collaborated with the californian based leather goods producer This Is Ground.


The Mod caryall is designed to allow you to organise your phone, keys and pretty much anything else you wish to carry. It also has a wide range of detachable inserts for differnt interests.


We worked on a design of the "Industrial Design" insert that allows designers to house a vernier, markers & tools, essential for meetings and daily life in the design world.


  • Highest quality leather and wool

  • 3 magnetic snaps to dock into the Mod 1 or 2

  • Leather portion is 6 1⁄8” wide x 8 1⁄2” high






A solution to allow tradesmen to extend the use of their vans by turning it into an extended workshop area.


The VanLid transforms into a cover that latches onto the van doors when they are locked at 90 degrees and allows the user to work in the area behind the van in rainy weather.

VanLid Promo VW