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Do you have a design project?

Our design team creates outstanding products that will positively represent your brand. Our creative thinking, appreciation of beautiful aesthetics, function and usability will help your product stand out over its competitors. With our vast experience in product design and design engineering we can help your company take its product to the next level.



Do you outsource your design work?

If so, we will help. All you have to do is give us the brief and we will come up with designs that will add value to your brand. We will create visual documents, engineering drawing conversions, CAD designs. Anything you need to develop your product we will help.



Do you have a design team but need some fresh thinking?

Why not hire us on a daily basis for additional, creative support. We will work closely with your design team to give extra assistance, offer a new approach or simply to help meet a deadline.



Whatever your situation BlueSix Design have the experience to help your company. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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So much of what we try to do is get to a point where the solution seems inevitable: you know, you think, "of course it's that way, why would it be any other way?" It looks so obvious, but that sense of inevitability in the solution is really hard to achieve.


Jony Ives

(Senior Vice President of Design at Apple Inc.)